3 Tips On Beating Gambling Addiction

Whereas different experts will prescribe different remedies to deal with gambling addiction, there are a number of basic day to day practices that will help a gambling addict beat their addiction. These are practices that can be incorporated to the treatment regimen that your counselor will provide. The idea is to as much as possible rewire your mind to replace the gambling compulsion with an alternative activity.

In this article, we are going to look at 3 tips on beating gambling addiction.

Always limit your idle time

Just like any other addiction, the cravings of a gambling addict are always highest when they find themselves idle. It’s therefore advisable to ensure that you limit your idle time if you are to beat your gambling addiction. Find creative ways to keep yourself busy to avoid instances where you are bored and craving your gambling fix.

Find an alternative stimulant

Our brains are wired to be stimulated by different things and for a gambling addict, it’s the rush associated with gambling that acts as the stimulant. It’s therefore important for you to identify an alternative stimulant as this will help eliminate the need for you to gamble to get your fix. It’s therefore a good idea to experiment with different activities until you find the one that perfectly satisfies your urges in a similar way the gambling used to do.

Learn to identify your triggers

Like any other addiction, relapsing is a reality. It’s therefore very important for you to learn to identify your triggers so that as they set in, you can take the necessary precautions to prevent yourself from succumbing to the urge to gamble.

Just to reiterate, these are not treatment remedies but rather simple tips that you can incorporate into your prescribed treatment regimen as they will definitely help you to beat your gambling addiction.

All in all, ensure that any treatment remedy you use for your gambling addiction has been prescribed by a professional counselor or psychologist.

These Are The 2 Main Categories Of Gambliang Addiction

Gambling is a widespread pastime activity globally that has elicited mixed reactions. Whereas some think its innocent fun, others feel as though it’s a vice that needs to be criminalized. In fact, in a number of jurisdictions, some forms of gambling are considered illegal, or are very highly regulated.

In this article, we are going to look at gambling addiction which both defenders and opposers of gambling agree exists. We’ll therefore delve into the two main categories of gambling addiction which are problem gambling and pathological gambling.

1 Problem gambling

Problem gambling can be described as the urge by a gambler to continue to gamble despite their knowledge of the harmful negative effects of their gambling. Despite them having a desire to stop gambling, they usually don’t have the willpower to do so. In other circle, this form of gambling addiction is referred to as compulsive gambling. In most cases if this form of gambling goes unaddressed then it will progress into the more severe form of gambling referred to as pathological gambling.

2 Pathological gambling

As mentioned in our earlier point, if problem gambling goes unaddressed then it’s likely to progress into pathological gambling which is a more severe form of gambling. Experts consider this form of gambling as a mental disorder because it’s mainly characterized by the inability by a gambler to control the impulses that push them towards gambling.

Both of these forms of gambling can be treated but they both require willingness by the gambler to accept that they indeed have a problem and they are ready to get help in addressing the problem. Treatment can either be therapy, medication or both in addition to o

The 3 Most Popular Forms Of Gambling

Gambling is no doubt a very popular pastime activity that has been in existence for decades. The proliferation of technology has however poured more fuel in this phenomenon making it so popular that it threatens to get out of hand.

In this article, we are going to look at the 3 most popular forms of gambling.

1 Playing the lottery

Research shows that the most popular form of gambling is playing the lottery. It is believed that three in every 10 adults around the world has at one point bought a lottery ticket as they are attracted by the huge jackpot opportunities. In addition, getting a lottery ticket is fairly cheap and easy to do hence the reason why playing the lottery is widespread. The promise of high returns that requires just a small stake invested in a ticket is usually irresistible.

2 Casino gambling

The second most popular form of gambling is casino gambling. Gone are the days when gamblers had to physically visit a brick and motor casino in order to gamble, as today they can simply do it online using their smart devices. This has made casino gambling grow tremendously in popularity.

3 Sports betting

Third on this list is sports betting which has become a global sensation thanks to the proliferation of online sports betting platforms. As the sports industry grows in popularity globally so does sports betting as gamblers have an opportunity of staking in the various global sporting events on offer. This is a quickly growing form of gambling because the stakes on offer are usually pretty high.

Whereas there are many other popular forms of gambling, we have focused on these three as they are the widest spread globally therefore they were worth a mention, in addition to the fact that their popularity has greatly been influenced by the proliferation of technology.